Happy Endings

Lionel is one very long basset hound. He developed back problem and almost lost feeling to his back legs. With appropriate medications and repeated treatment with accupnture needles he is now walking again feeling much better. Well done brave Lionel

Montgomery John (top - cuddling) would like to thank all the girls at Longford Veterinary Practice for helping to look after Sofie-lee (bottom)

Thank you


Maggy started her life in the exotic land of Singapour and Hong Kong. A while ago, she moved with her owners to lovely Tasmania to enjoy the space and free run in the vast paddocks attached to her new home.

Maggy developed a chronic discharge from her nostril and wasn't feeling well. After a course of antibiotics, xrays and follow up MRI, it was decided that her sinuses had to be flushed if she was to get better.

The only way to do that is to drill a hole in her scull, insert and attach a drain to the sinus. Then daily flush was required. Maggy was ready to go home on the second day and had to endure 10 more of those days of flushes before she saw her home again.

After couple of revisits,  Maggy is a different dog. She is gaining weight again, has more energy and can enjoy her long runs again.