Puppy Socialisation Classes

On Tuesdays your pups are invited for puppies get together meeting with lots of information and even more fun.

What you will learn at Puppy Pre-School?

  • Before you get a puppy – Things to keep an eye out for around the home, and some basic puppy preparation information.
  • Preventative Medicine – What’s currently available and what’s important for your puppy.
  • Toilet Training – Tips and tricks to ensures/ he learns quickly.
  • Discipline – Ensure that s/he fits in with your family.
  • Food & Nutrition – Recommended foods for your puppy, and why nutrition is so important.
  • Dental Care – Maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.
  • Grooming – Brushing, bathing and nail clipping.
  • Fleas – How to keep them out of your house and off your puppy
  • Identification – The best ways to ensure your pups safe return should s/he wander off.
    … and more!