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"Ralphy" and Joint Guard

Do you own a dog suffering from problem from sore and stiff joints?

If so I would like to pass on to you what I have experienced with my dog.

“Ralphy” is a Maltese X and had severe problems with both knee joints in his back legs. He could not manage the stairs at our house and became very stiff of a nigh needing to be carried to bed.

Hoping to avoid surgery I started him on JOINT GUARD powder for dogs. At first the improvement in him wasn’t noticeable, but now having been on the JOINT GUARD power for six months he shows no sings of soreness of stiffness and has no problems coping with the stains. So I highly recommend JOINT GUARD powder for dogs.

Marilyn J & Ralphy

"Hamish" and Cartrophen injections

To whom it may concern

In 1999our special dog Hamish came to us as a three week old abandoned pup from the RSPCA in Launceston. He has always had bad eye sight and we were told he would eventually go blind. His deterioration stalled some years ago and he has maintained some sight.

Some years ago he developed a cancer on his leg and it had to be removed. Dr. Martina McPeace, who looked after Hamish for the past seven years did wonders by performing two operations and changing dressing every two days or so for some weeks before using a skin graft from his back to complete his healing. There is no sigh of the cancer.

As the yeas have gone on, Hamishe's hips began to give him trouble and he found it more and more difficut to walk distances. Martina prescribed pain killes and these worked but side effects were a worry. About eighteen months ago Martina suggested we try him on Cartophen injections. He had one a week for four weeks and now has one a month. The effects have been staggering. Hamish can now walk without pain or difficulty and there are no side effects for us to worry about. These injectinos have given Hamish good quality of life and we are thankful for that and would recommend this course of action for any pet that has similar problems. Hamish has been a very special member of our family and we are grateful for the care and attention he has received allowing him to stay with us for so long.

Yours faithfully Alan Bulmer and Dnny Saunders.

"Finlay" and Cartrophen

Our Labrador was sleeping and hardly moving, and was sore in her front leg. She had injections once a week for a month and has now had two monthly injections. She now runs with us when we ride our horses. She is so much more comfortable, a heap happier and no lameness.

Suzie Jones