Vaccination vs Immunisation

Vaccination vs Immunisation

There are new informations and developments in the field of vaccinations and immunisation.

At first it is undestanding of the definitions of vaccination and immunity.

Vaccinatinon: Vaccination is injection of antigen (weakend or killed virus or bacteria) to stimulate immune stystem do develop immunity against pathogens, hence preventing disease or death.

Immunity: the ability of the body to resist a particular infection or toxin by developing antibodies against pathogens.


Through these definitions it is clear that vaccination may not completely garantee immunity. There are individual pets that will not develop immunity even after repeated vaccinations and there are large number of pets that will retain immunity for longer period of time than what some of the current vaccines are registered for (1 or 3 years).


We now recommend full vaccination course for puppies and kittens with follow up 12  and 24 months booster. Without vaccinations it is said that upto 50% of puppies and kittens would die from deadly viruses if the majority of the population was not vaccinated.

After the initial course then we offer a blood test to measure levels of the immunity. With strong levels of immunity we then recommned re-test in 3 years.

We strongly recommend a yearly wellness check, as we all know our four legged companions are aging 5-7 times quicker and if there is any health condition developing it is advisable to manage it early.

Please feel free do discuss the most appropriate vaccination /immunisation regime and blood test with us at your next visit.