K Laser Therapeutic Treatments

K Laser

The treatment of sick animals in the North of the state will be greatly improved following the delivery of a veterinary therapeutic K Laser machine to the Longford Veterinary Clinic.

Laser treatment is non toxic, side-effect free and safe to use for the life of an animal and is more pleasant to receive for the patients in most cases - especially cats.

The great benefits in the K Laser treatment are

  • 30-50% acceleration of wound healing
  • Soft Tissue Trauma – e.g. HBC
  • Post orthopaedic repairs – 8-14 days quicker recovery
  • Pain relief from Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Pain relief from Hip Dysplasia
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Back pain
  • All musculoskeletal and neurological problems in cats
  • All types of wounds
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Allergic conditions
  • Stomatitis – inflamed gums
  • Inflamed anal glands and many more applications

Laser treatment offer safe pain relief for cats that often have adverse reactions to conventional medications.

Therapeutic laser helps the body get better by itself without having to give it pharmaceuticals. Its effects are supported by more than 20 years of evidence based medicine and it has virtually no side effects. Response is usually seen after 1-4 treatments.

You can contact Longford Veterinary Clinic on 63911373.


Laser offers new solution for pet woes


Pet owners in Northern Tasmania now have easier access to a drug and surgery free treatment.

Longford Veterinary Clinic recently bought a $40,000 laser treatment machine, which the clinic’s Martina McPeace says is the only one of its kind in Northern Tasmania.

Dr McPeace said that in the first two weeks of having the machine, she had already been amazed by its effectiveness.

“I treated a cat with a bladder infection, and after one treatment it was back to normal,” Dr McPeace said.

“It’s really good for cats, because when they’re sore, they don’t want to be held.

“With this, you don’t need to hold them too much, like you would with a needle.”

The non-invasive treatment uses laser light to stimulate circulation and bloodflow beneath the skin.

Dr McPeace said the treatment did not replace conventional vetinerary care, but complemented it.

She said it showed a 30 to 50 per cent acceleration of wound healing, either self-sustained or post-surgery, as well as helping with back pain, inflammations, infections, and soft tissue trauma.

“It’s similar to photosynthesis in plants,” Dr McPeace said.

“The laser stimulates the area of interest, and helps to promote circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients.

“It improves the energy in the area. With that energy it speeds up the healing process.”

It’s a treatment that she was commonplace in the US, but was only just starting to creep into Australia.

Its other benefit is its pricepoint.

“People don’t have $2500 to spend on a surgery that may not work, but let’s give this a go at $37.50 a treatment and see if it helps,” Dr McPeace said.

She added that the recommended number of treatments was four.

“Until the laser arrived, animal owners in the North and North-West were forced to take their animals to Hobart for the treatment, an ordeal for many of the sick animals.”

Dr McPeace was required to undergo training and accreditation in order to practice with the laser.